We believe you should be able to place an order via our web-site, and receive your goods with the minimum fuss possible. Fotomedia provide services to visitors of our web-site, including but not limited to the supply of photographs or images of listed events. Any image displayed on our web-site is copyright ©fotomedia 2010 or there respective owners.

It should be understood that we do NOT sell the copyright of an image, but license it's use as specified elsewhere.

We invite visitors to our site to place orders for photographs, image files or associated items based on information provided on this site. However, no obligation will be offered until such times as an order submitted, by way of electronically direct from the web-site, or by post, or telephone, and is confirmed by Fotomedia.

Use of photographs or images other than in accordance with the terms of agreement constitutes copyright infringment and breach of contract and may result in appropriate legal action.

Each Pro-Shoot Voucher TM is valid for a period of 6 months from date of purchase (the date of the shoot must be within 6 calendar months from the date of issue - as shown on the voucher) and are issued subject to distance of travel from the centre of Coventry, Warwickshire. A maximum of One Hour is allowed on-site, including setting up and packing away of equipment. Additional time can be negotiated with the photographer should the client require a longer session. Any additional payment must be made at the time of the shoot. Vouchers are transferable, but fotomedia reserves the right to charge an additional fee if the location of the shoot incurrs further travelling time compared to the original shoot location. No refunds or partial refunds can be given.

Where photographs are offered as part of a PRINT PACKAGE (A,B,C etc) only images that are part of the same "family group" (adults, children or animals) will be supplied as part of the selected package. Photographs from different family groups cannot be included. Should any non family-group images be found as part of your package selection, we reserve the right to not supply the package and request that alternative family-group images be selected.

"Pencil Drawing" print conversions can only be supplied in the designated "PENCIL DRAWING" mounted formats. We are unable to supply Pencil Drawings as standard type prints as much of the fine detail is lost when using a conventional printing process.

Where Promotional Codes are advertised, they are only valid during the period stated, and must be used at the time of placing your order. We are unable to apply any discount once a purchase has been completed and your payment processed.

MMS Wallpaper Photos: The client is responsible for ensuring that the mobile phone number provided to receive any photo ordered (for delivery via MMS) is capable of receiving MMS messages. Fotomedia will not be responsible if the photo is ordered for a phone that is unable to receive MMS messages. No refunds will be given in the event that a photograph is ordered for a non-compatible phone. Fotomedias responsiblities for delivery will end when the message containing the chosen image leaves our equipment.

Photographs or Images for Personal Use

Orders will be confirmed by email (or post). Orders will be deemed to not have been accepted until such times as the order is confirmed to the address provided at the time the order is placed.

We will always endevour to fulfill orders at prices quoted on our web-site, but in circumstances beyond our control,we reserve the right to notify you of any change of price (that may or may not have appeared on our web-site) at the time of confirming your order.

At such times that we may notify you of a price change, you have the right to cancel your order forthwith. Where you decide to cancel an order then any obligation on the part of fotomedia to fulfill that order ends immediately. We will not be responsible for any costs (consequencial or otherwise) incurred due to the cancellation of an order.

All photographs or images supplied are for personal use only and may NOT be uploaded for display by electronic means (i.e. internet etc) copied, resold or redistributed in any form whatsoever.

In the unlikely event of there being a problem with the goods that we supply, please notify us as quickly as possible after receipt so that we may rectify the problem without undue delay. We will do everything possible to ensure that you are happy with the service you receive from fotomedia.

Our liability to you is limited to the cost of materials of the goods supplied. If you are supplying us with original photographs or artwork, please contact us first, before submitting any item to us, so that we can discuss any special requirements that may be required.

In placing an order with Fotomedia, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

Photographs or Images for Commercial Use

Where images or photographs are required for Commercial use (in-house magazine, leaflets, brochures, web-sites etc) we ask that you contact us for a usage specific quotation and a copy of our full Commercial - Conditions of Sale.

Charges will depend on size, type, resolution and frequency of use required.

All images supplied for commercial use are provided subject to the end-user license agreed at time of purchase.

Distance Selling Regulations

In accordance with the "Distance Selling Regulations" we are required to inform you that as any goods (eg. prints) you may order are being made to your specification (image, size, style, quantity etc.), you will not be able to cancel your order once the order has been confirmed (by way of you making payment) By paying for the goods, it is deemed that you have accepted that you will not have the right to cancel under this regulation.

Should you wish to cancel this order before payment has been made, then kindly notify us of your wish to do so, either by email or telephone. Should we not receive payment from you, we may send you a reminder email. If we do not here from you for a period of 14 days - then we will assume you no longer require the goods in question, and we will remove the order from our system.

The prices quoted are valid for 14 days from the date of our confrimation email. E&OE.

As the goods ordered are made to your requirements you will be sent notification of despatch as soon as they are ready. Normally this will be 7 to 10 working days from you confirming your order, but at peak times this period may be a longer. If delays are encountered, we will do our utmost to notify you as soon as they become apparent. At certain times of the year, we will endeavour to put a general notice on our web-site informing you of specific delays prior to ordering. (i.e. at Christmas time etc)

The full text of the Distance Selling Regulations can be found at

Should you have any queries with regard to these regulations and/or our interpretation, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

This does not affect your statutory rights.

Please note: Any personal information provided to us will not be given to any third party organisation and will only be used by ourselves and/or our agents to enable us to fulfil your order.


By submitting a testimonial, the user gives permission for fotomedia to use all or part of the text submitted on fotomedia's web-site and/or literature - at fotomedia's descretion. We reserve the right to edit, by way of shortening, any content, but where an abridged version of a testimonial is used, fotomedia will ensure that the general views and consensus of the content will remain unaffected. Any personal information will not be disclosed to any third party without the originators express permission.